Motivational May Quick Tip: Procrastination, physical tiredness, difficulty concentrating?



Hello my Beauties, and welcome back. I am grateful for your return and hope YOU are enjoying our two monthly motivational tips for wellness.

Today, we look at why YOU should consider working with a wellness coach like myself and my favorite essential oil blend for focus and concentration.


Let’s start with how do I get my clients results?

The number one gift I provide my clients is coaching. I become their cheer squad! I remind them of their true capacity. I see them as perfect, and help them to see their light to broaden they capability of achieving what they most want.

Why work with a wellness coach, such as myself? Because even family and friends, have their own limiting beliefs about life and you. But as a nutritional coach, I don’t. I see you at your very best. You have already taken the first step in making positive change. This tells me, you ready, able and taking the path of positive change. This tells me you’re a go getter!

How do I do this? I help you to see that the obstacles in your way are not as big as they seem, they just need to be broken down into smaller obstacles. The overwhelming idea of taking on a large task, often leaves us with the attitude of feeling stuck. But when we break down that task into smaller steps, and move forward one step at a time. This declutters your path. Now you have a clearer path, still with obstacles but easier to navigate around. It’s like having a second set of eyes.

I help you see your own strengths. Highlight the progress you often overlook. Help you stay focused on your journey. You will become open to seeing the opportunities that cross your path. If you can’t see them, you can’t act on them.  Acting on the opportunity’s makes the difference of being stuck in life into achieving your goals.

You will begin to discover the solution to your own life and get life transforming results.


Motivational product of the month: Focus Concentration blended essential oils.


I am a firm believer of the use of essential oils. Most of you may use essential oil for stress and relaxation but have you considered using them for concentration and mental energy? When brain fog strikes, and you simple can’t concentrate reach for Focus Concentration Essential oil blend instead of that cup of coffee. Let’s uplift your mood and emotions, when you need to refocus. Perfect for writing, driving long distances, or creative endeavors.

Procrastination, physical tiredness, difficulty concentrating? Inhaling essential oil will have an instant effect because our emotional center in our brain is directly connected to the olfactory epithelium inside our noses.

Motivational May. Work with a nutritional coach like myself and utilize essential oils to enhance your capability and performance.

Focus Concentration Essential Oil Blend is on SALE $16.99, and there is no added tax. 


Beauty & light, Skylynn



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